Fri. Oct 7th, 2022

A robotic-assisted angioplasty with precision stent placement has been launched by a private hospital chain in Hyderabad.

“the worth of the course of is almost the identical as common angioplasty besides for the cost of the cassette that takes up the associated payment by about ₹1 lakh. nonetheless the precision and success cost is greater,” mentioned Dr. P.C. Rath of Apollo Hospitals, which has acquired the gear for the course of.

The hospital officers mentioned that they’ve carried out 15 such procedures using the gear effectively.

Coronary angioplasty is carried out to clear blocks inside the arteries of the center to revive blood stream. inside the robotic-assisted course of, the surgeon sits behind a console with a joystick that ends in enhanced visualisation, greater administration and extra appropriate positioning. the extra revenue is decrease radiation publicity for every the doctor as effectively as to the affected person.

The gear permits instantaneous sub-mm measurement and exact positioning with 1 mm movement lowering measurement errors, want for extra stents, and incidence of longitudinal geographic miss.


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