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picture supply : INDIA tv Mob protests amid ‘Allahu Akbar’ chants outdoors Durga Bhawan Temple in UK’s Smethwick


  • large protests broke out in uk’s Smethwick on Tuesday.
  • in the course of the protest, ‘Allahu Akbar’ chants had been additionally heard.
  • The mob protested in the direction of go to of Vatsalyagram founder Sadhvi Rithambara.

UK Protests: large protests broke out in uk’s Smethwick on Tuesday in the direction of Param Shakti Peeth and Vatsalyagram founder Sadhvi Rithambara. in the course of the protest, ‘Allahu Akbar’ chants had been additionally heard and an unruly mob thronged the premises outdoors the temple in Birmingham. 

Visuals from the protest went viral on social media and had been extensively shared. movies shared on social media confirmed a large crowd of people marching in the direction of the Durga Bhawan Hindu Centre on Spon Lane. 

Many had been heard elevating slogans alongside the traces of ‘Allahu Akbar’. As legal guidelines enforcement personnel tried to revive order, some protesters had been seen climbing partitions. based mostly on a report in Birmingham World, a social media account recognized as Apna Muslims had recognized as for a “peaceable protest” outdoors the Durga Bhawan temple.

an identical incident came about in UK’s Leicestershire some days again. The riots had been triggered on August 28 after India acquired the Asia Cup T20 match in the direction of Pakistan.

In Leicestershire, mobs vandalized a Hindu temple inside the world. In a video that has gone viral on social media, a particular person clothed in black will be seen getting atop a constructing and knocking down a saffron flag amid hooting and cheering by a gaggle of people.

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