Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

NASA has issued an alert attributable to an asteroid making shut method to Earth in the present day. right here’s what the agency mentioned.

We’re simply 20 days into the month of September and we have already witnessed greater than 20 asteroids passing very shut to Earth. August witnessed almost 35 asteroids making shut approaches to Earth and it seems to be like September is on the path to reaching these numbers too. three asteroids handed very shut simply yesterday and a pair of extra are on their approach in the present day. NASA has issued an alert about an asteroid which is heading for Earth in the present day.

Asteroid 2022 SR2 heading for Earth in the present day, Sept 21

NASA’s Planetary protection Coordination office has issued an alert about Asteroid 2022 SR2. The asteroid is heading for Earth in the present day, Sept 21 and might make a detailed method with the planet at a distance of simply 449000 kilometers, making it one in all many closest asteroid approaches we have had this month. For reference, the Moon is form of 384,4 hundred kilometers from Earth and Asteroid 2022 SR2 is simply not far off from it.

Asteroid 2022 SR2 was noticed simply 2 days in the past on September 19, 2022 when it was found that it was already on its approach in the direction of Earth. The asteroid is hurtling in the direction of the planet at a blistering pace of almost seventy eight,264 kilometers per hour, which is roughly 5 instances faster than a hypersonic missile.

It belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids which orbit the photo voltaic inside the precept asteroid belt shut to Jupiter. all by way of this orbit, the asteroid’s farthest distance from the photo voltaic is 567 million kilometers whereas its nearest distance from the photo voltaic is simply 86 million kilometers.

NASA’s Lucy Mission to hunt trojan asteroids inside the photo voltaic system

NASA launched its Lucy spacecraft on Oct. sixteen, 2021. that is NASA’s first dwelling mission to confirm the Trojans, a gaggle of asteroids which orbit the photo voltaic in two teams.

to attain this objective, The Lucy spacecraft has a quantity of precision devices on board which is ready to assist research the asteroids and buy information. The devices embrace an Imaging Spectral Array which is an infrared imaging spectrometer to confirm the absorption traces for numerous silicates, ices and organics that is most possible on the floor of the Trojan asteroids, based mostly on NASA.

fully different devices embrace an prolonged-fluctuate Reconnaissance Imager for capturing extreme-decision photographs of the asteroids and a Thermal Emission Spectrometer for measuring floor temperature of the Trojan asteroids.


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